Higher Concerns

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Higher Concerns is the answer to the gap between inspiration and execution. As a book junkie and personal development enthusiast, I’ve gone from thinking “OMG this is awesome” to “But wait how do I apply to my life?” more times than I can count. Higher Concerns delivers 21 essays on a range of topics including
-why traditional goal setting often falls flat and what to do instead
-how to integrate minimalism without dressing like an extra from an Kanye West fashion show
-how to build get (and stay) out of your own way
-a new way to think about living your “best life”
-and much more

The most important part, though, is not the essays. It’s the worksheets that accompany each essay. Why are these so important? Well, they’re the difference between reading something that sounds good and actually having it create a positive shift for you personally.

The formula for making great ideas personally meaningful is: 


If you’re a listener of my podcast Behind the Brilliance then you already understand how important the application piece is the most important because even if you’re excited about the possibilities and you know what to do, you have to actually do it. There is no shortcut for that. So, that’s what Higher Concerns is. It’s a 100+ page customizable blueprint for upleveling however you want.

It’s potent on it’s own, but it’s powerful if you apply it. Use it liberally.